Welcome to Euroleageeks, the home of Euroleague Basketball Analytics. Here we will try to quantify the impact of Vasilis Spanoulis on Olympiacos, find the optimal level of possessions a team should have on a Euroleague game and analyze many other topics. But first, if you are not sure what Basketball analytics is, have a quick read below.

Basketball analytics refers to the quantitative and qualitative techniques used to enhance insight about the game. The job of analytics is to understand how various factors contribute to success on the court. It is a fairly new approach, that has been developed due to the rising computer power and data availability, but it is becoming increasingly popular due to the significant impact it is causing to the game.

This practice is widely used today in the NBA, where all teams have hired number crunchers to work alongside the coaching staff and achieve a competitive advantage. Analytics have changed the landscape of the NBA dramatically. From the straightforward analytics example of teams doubling, within the past 10 years, the amount of three pointers they take because numbers suggested that the reward would be higher, up to the complex analysis of play-by-play data in order to quantify the best combination of 5 players for a team, basketball analytics allow coaches to make more informed decisions and it can be a very powerful tool if used correctly.

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Being a big Euroleague and analytics fan, I decided to create this blog, where we can analyze and discuss Euroleague Basketball analytics. It is important to note that on this website we will only be focusing on the quantitative component of analytics. It is often that quantitative and qualitative analysis will contradict each other so keep that in mind while reading our posts. For example, numbers might say that Spanoulis’ offense is actually quite poor, however, his leadership and passion for the game might spark his teammates and enable them to perform at a higher level. I am always open to suggestions, so send me a message if you are particularly interested in a specific player/team. For now, have a read at our very first blog post ‘Numbers behind Olympiacos’.

Disclaimer: This website is independent of Euroleague Basketball and opinions on this website do not reflect the opinions of the organization.